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All About Immigration Consultants and Canadian Immigration

An immigration consultant is someone who assists people to migrate from one country to the other country and in the legal process to increase the possibilities of immigration for work, study or travel purpose. He is a person with expertise in all the aspects of immigration. Consultants are also called as migration consultants or immigration service providers. In United States, these consultants have to work under the laws of different states, federal laws and many more. These consultants are appointed by the federal government or by the agencies who are responsible to register immigrants.

Immigration consultants can be Canadian or American regulated, non-regulated or self-regulating, and therefore they are experienced in all the fields related to immigration. Many immigration consultants are trained and employed by some of the organizations and companies, which are responsible to register and sponsor immigrants. These companies provide many options in terms of accommodation, education, employment and settlement. Many firms also give training to the new and registered professionals in the field of immigration.

The main task of the Canadian immigration consultants is to assist the potential immigrants to come to Canada. They help the potential immigrants settle in Canada by providing them with different kinds of assistance. These include application assistance, settlement assistance, registration assistance and advice and counsel. Many of these firms also provide free seminars and literature to all the potential immigrants and they also train potential immigrant lawyers in the Canadian immigration law firm.

There are many firms and consultants who provide services to the employers to fill the requirement of workers, students and family members. Many companies and organizations hire these consultants to fill the requirement of worker, student or family members due to many reasons. The main reason that makes an organization to hire a consultant is that this person has knowledge in the areas related to immigration and he knows the legal issues related to immigration. This makes the job easy for the employer because the potential immigrant will be aware of the rules and regulation of Canada and its government.

There are many immigration lawyers who work in the country’s largest cities. These lawyers help the newcomers to register and apply for citizenship. The main purpose of the immigration lawyer is to guide the newcomers in the Canadian immigration process and help them with their documents and forms. In addition, these immigration consultants are able to provide information on the different programs and services provided by the government of Canada.

The main job of an immigration consultant or lawyer is to advise the new residents in Canada about the full skills exam that is administered by the Canadian immigration program. This exam, conducted by the IRPA, tests the ability of the newcomer in two different areas. First, it tests the ability to speak and write in both English and French. Second, it tests the newcomers’ knowledge of Canada’s laws. All these require knowledge and understanding of the system and the country.

With the full skills exam, if the newcomer fails, he/she may not be eligible to proceed with the program. This means that the foreign worker would have to wait for the year following the unsuccessful exam in order to reschedule his visa. For those who are eligible for the regulated Canadian immigration program, they can already enter the program and apply for citizenship right after they complete their studies or after a period of work experience.

All the documents that need to be submitted for the application include the application, fee agreement, and the disclosure form. Many migration consultants also offer legal consultation services. If this is the case, the migration consultants are required by law to submit the documents and fees for the clients. However, the law firm does not provide the service but only refers the client to the proper sources. It is important for the client to ensure that the immigration consultants are not providing any legal services that involve the preparation and submission of documents and fees. The law firm is only an agent for the lawyers.

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CAAN Wings Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Immigration and Education consulting Company. Established in 1998, CAAN Wings made a deliberate foray into immigration consulting for countries i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Denmark etc. and student visa for USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and European countries, for providing a wider and unbiased perspective to our clients

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